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Christian Outdoor Flags (Nylon 3x5)
The Christian Flag is designed to represent all of Christianity, but flown mainly by Protestant churches in North America, Africa, and Latin America. The flag has a white field, with a red Latin cross inside a blue canton. The shade of red on the cross symbolizes the blood that Jesus Christ shed on Mt. Calvary to redeem mankind. The blue is a picture of the royalty of Jesus Christ as King of Kings, while the white represents the purity of Jesus Christ. The Christian Flag was first conceived on September 26, 1897, in Brighton Chapel on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.


Christian Outdoor Flags (Nylon 2x3)

Christian Outdoor Flags (Nylon 4x6)

Christian Outdoor Flags (Nylon 5x8)

Christian Outdoor Flags (Nylon 6x10)

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